You Can Do It Without Resources

without resources

Resources were never a problem from success, if you want to achieve something then you can do it without resources.
Selling dry fruits on the road in such a cold weather, he was trying to hide his tears from the people yet he was shivering with cold. After taking a date from the dish he looked around him and murmured “Amma! Have you eaten something?” After taking a long breath he ate the date and replied his question himself. “My four sisters are with her. She is not alone. She must have eaten. I must take a date for my brother. I know he will be hungry.” He put a date in the pocket of his long court which he borrowed from his master. After selling all the dates he started moving towards the house of his master. “He will be waiting for me. He will be angry if I do not reach in time,” he said to himself. He gave all the money to his master which he earned the whole day. The master gave him FIVE rupees for his pocket money. He took this money happily and went to the footpath where he used to sleep in the night.

The young boy of 15 was really a brave boy. He was a patient, confident and hardworking guy. These attributes were in his blood. He was also a kind-hearted and a generous man. He was also a brilliant student but he was not interested in studies so he left school after class fifth. He had a dream to collect ten thousand rupees to pay the bail of his father who was in jail for more than one year. He used to earn five rupees daily and he used to save all the money for his father.

His life was not such before an incident which took place with his father. Actually, His father had a row with a man in the field. He hit himself with a stone and the man died accidentally. Police took his father to jail and demanded a heavy amount of bail from the family to relief him. The family sold everything to make their both ends meet. The family of the victim threatened them and wanted to take revenge by killing both the sons of the killer. Mother gave some money to her sons and advised them not to come back to the village. The young boys had to feed their appetites on their own. Indeed it was the hardest time of his life, but he never lost hope and kept working hard. He could not make money for his father’s bail, but he had found an angel to help his father get out of the jail. He also started a small job of partnership in a restaurant with his friends where he started earning money.

“Did he never go back to his village?” asked the little girl sitting in front of her father. “What happened to his family then?” “Where is he now?” these questions were asked by little girls. “He is fine now. His family is proud of him now. He is sitting in front of you. This is the story of your father my little girls!” He replied with tears in his eyes. Everyone in the room was staring at him with shining eyes. He was feeling blessed today. “When did you see your mother?” asked his daughter. “After 15 years of continuous hard work and struggle I went back to my village I met my parents and family. That day they were proud of me as I had become the richest man in the city”.

“Thanks to God! He made the time passable”. He said while getting out of the chair.

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