Why You Should Raise Your Standards?


How many times in life you have decided that you should lose weight, earn more money, have a more passionate relationship or be more confident. You have an endless list of things you believe you should do.

 These ” shoulds ” have no value if you are not going to do. When you decide something as an absolute like  “must”, and when you decide either going to find a way or create your own way to make something happen.

 Then you are going to change your life. Anything you are not getting, what you want is because you have not raised your standards.

 When you turn “should” into “must” then you make an inner shift to take control of your quality of life. Your set of beliefs and standards control your decisions. We live who we believe we are.

For example, if you are not happy a relationship, it means you just want a relationship but don’t want joy and passion.

 It reflects your standards. Some people don’t want to be a relationship because they don’t want to hurt. Their standard is just not to hurt.

Consider someone, who is trying to quit smoking. He is trying for many years to stop this habit. And someday He decides “no more”. It’s hard but he will do it. He makes an inner shift.
He changes his should into the must.

People have different standards in finances. Some people just want to pay their bills, some other want more than bills, and other want to become a billionaire.

 They work for what they want to become. When your standard is just to pay your bills then you can’t get more than this. If you change your standard to have more money for your family trip or stuff then you will get it.

 It’s standards that control your life. If your standard is high then you will find the way to get your goals.

Find out what your standards are for the different areas of life. Are you a winner? or one step behind? what is your identity?

If you want real change and breakthrough in life then Change your “should” into “must”. It will change your quality of life.

 Standards have more worth than your goals. The lasting thing which will keep you always up is your standard. When you raised your standards then your life will never be the same.

 The only way to change your standard is to have an inner breakthrough where you feel compelled to change, no matter what. You will find the way or make the way to get what you want in any area of life.

 You know many successful persons in the world. These people are not extraordinary but their beliefs and standards are extraordinary. They get what they believe in life before their success in life.

 What you want in life, just pay bills or more than it? Just want a relationship or want joy and happiness?

Change your mind and your body will get it. The body achieves what the mind believes.

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