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I am a life coach and human behavior specialist. I want to change people lives and trying to change their beliefs which are holding them back in life.

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        Seriously this is a man’s world.   Men get attention and opportunities and women just ignored.   Many people in different countries think that women are not equal to men.   Even many women, in parts of the world, think like that.   They think women are inferior to men, but it’s not true.   The problem is education.   Like two men, one educated and the other are not equal in skills and abilities.   If a woman educated like a man then they are equal in skills.   In many parts of the world, women still do not get an education.   Male and Female are different in their shape and look but a woman is not inferior.

In the last century, a woman who got a chance in their life showed that they could do what a man could do.   And many women created their chance to make their life better.   One example is Oprah Winfrey.   She lived in extreme poverty and faced many hardships as a teenager.   And now she is the wealthiest African-American Woman with 2.9 Billion USD net worth. There are many successful women who have worked for humanity and inspired other women to do so.

Male and Female are of the species called Homo Sapiens.   The basic purpose of every species is to survive for long as possible.   For the survival,  reproduction is compulsory.   The bodies of   Men and women oriented to survive   and reproduce.   Both men and women have different duties in their lifetime.   For example, women carry children and men find food, which is necessary for them and for the children.   It does not decide who is superior.   It’s only different duties they do for the new generation.   Both develop roles from the beginning of human life.   Both male and female’s minds work for survival.   Both are intelligent and can make very good decisions according to time and conditions.

A woman can work as men do, all over the world, if she gets a chance. The man is not superior, but for thousands of years, has had opportunities more than women.   Their status has established.   There are many social factors which affect a woman’s status and value.   These factors are not natural.   In many countries, women are kept as the property of their fathers and husbands because people think women are inferior.   They believe she can’t do anything with her own wish so she is the only puppet.   If she goes outside or tries to do something for herself, then she will be tortured or even killed.   She has no education to understand her value.   She’s like a lion living with sheep and she doesn’t know how to roar.

I am not saying to men to give freedom and equality to a woman because they won’t do that.   But I am sure, all over the world, when women understand their value, then they can take their freedom and equality.   In the west women are gaining value more than before, and this progress will continue.

Why men and women are Equal? 

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