3 Simple Rules For Success

Why do people fail in different fields of life?  What is the real reason which makes us fail or not getting done? They may have many  excuses  like:

  1. Did not have money.
  2.  And did not have time.
  3. Did not have a leader.
  4. Did not have the right person in the relationship.
  5. Or did not have the right partner in the business.
  6. Did not have the right technology.
  7. Bad economy.

And you can name more resources like that.  But the real thing is not resources but resourcefulness.  Resourcefulness is the real resource.

In  1928  Alexander Fleming did not tell the world that he doesn’t have a good laboratory but he made Penicillin with his creative mind and determined ambition. He was incredibly resourceful. We have many examples of most successful people in history who did not have the resources but they are resourceful and determined.

What is resourcefulness?

Creativity, decisiveness,  passion, honesty, sincerity, love and courage, these are ultimate human resources.  If you can engage these resources then you are resourceful.

With these resources, you can get any other resources on earth. If you are stuck in any part of life, I am telling you 3 simple rules to breakthrough. I  will make the order of rules in reverse it means I will put least important things first.

1.  Right  strategy

A strategy is a very important thing you have. A right strategy can save your time and energy.  You have to find the best strategy. Just do not find the right strategy because the only strategy cannot give you the result. For example, there are many fat people, they know that they can lose weight by doing workout and exercise.  But they do not do it.  You can easily find different strategies in books and on the internet. Maybe your problem is right strategy but more often you are missing number two thing you need and that is the right story.

2. Right  story 

What is a story?

It’s  a belief you are telling yourself over and over again. The story you have about your life,  your business, and your relationship can make you stuck.

So often you tell yourself that you had tried everything but did not succeed or You cannot lose weight or you can not solve the math or always forget to done things when you need to remember.   These are the wrong stories you are telling yourself. The only thing keeping from getting what you want a is a story you keep telling yourself over and over again.

Cut off the stories which are not letting you grow and create new ones which can keep you going.  If you do not change your story then you will never find the right strategy.  When the story changes then third and the most important thing changes which mental state.

3. Mental state 

The most important thing for success is your mental state. When you are in the different mental state you respond to things in different ways.  If you are happy then you are more energetic and progressive.  When you are sad and depressed then you even can’t find the right story.

For example: At the start of relationship if a girl says the to the boy that put the trash into the box.  He will pick the trash and put it into the trash box happily.

And at the end an of relationship when the boy knows that it’s the end of relationship then an if girl says the to boy put the trash into the box then boys will make his face and say do you think I  am a  peon. It means that boy resp the nd same thing in different ways when he has a different mental state.  If you cannot control your mental state then you cannot get the results you want in your life.

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