Who Is Responsible For My Failure?

Many people in this world afraid to fail. And when they get stuck in life then don’t find themselves responsible for their failure but always try to put blame on others.

They blame a person and sometimes they blame even things. And Sometimes they find luck and grace responsible for their failure. But they will never take responsibility for their failure.

They always find excuses and stories which make them clear and innocent. If you are the one who always finds someone guilty for your failure then stop and change your way of thinking.

Don’t blame others:

No one is responsible for my failure. Everyone is working for their lives, not for my life. If I always blame others then I shall never get real solutions for the problem I have in my life. 

No one is here for me to make my life better. The most successful people in the world don’t blame others but try to find new ways to get their results and sometimes they are ready to make new ways because they believe in themselves and want to make it happen.

If I shall blame others then how can I get better results? If someone else is responsible for my failure then how can I change my results. It means I depend on someone else. And how can I get credit for your success?

Take Responsbility:

I really don’t understand why people always afraid to take responsibility for their failure. It is a good thing, to improve yourself. I can get rid of problems in my life if I know that I am the only one who can solve my problems. 

The most successful people always take responsibility for their failure and setbacks. They don’t try to find excuses because excuses don’t give results.

If I want to change my life then I should take charge of my setbacks and I shall find ways and solutions to go through. Blaming others and finding excuse will not give me any better result.

If something is not working for me then I am responsible for that. When my ideas are not working or someone is not helping me then I must find my self-responsible for that. If things are not going right in my life then I am responsible for all this. If I take responsibility for my failure then I can change these things. I can change ideas to change my life.

Who is responsible for your failure? write in a comment.

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