Trust Can Change A Person


In this world today we are having trust crisis. People do not each other but if we learn to trust some then it can change a person.
Willy was a lazy bluffer. His father was so tired of him because he came home daily after midnight and left the study. He spends time with his friends which are not good ones in society. His father wanted him to become a nice man but his all pieces of advice go in vain. He was the only son of his parents so he was only one hope for old ones.

Willy spent his father’s money on useless activities and started trying drugs with his friends. He doesn’t care about his parents and their money. Although neighbors and relatives criticised him he was just going away.

His mother never criticised him for any matter just observing his behavior. She also wanted him to be a nice young man but never advised him at all. She was worried and also thinking that how can she cure his son. She still has trust that she can make him a good man.

One day his phone was ringing while Willy was outside with his friends, he ignored calls. When he got home he was informed that his father is in hospital in serious condition. But he didn’t go to see his father. After some, his father died. After the funeral, he just went to his friends and celebrated that now he will get all of his father’s money.

After a week of his father’s death, Willy demanded his father’s all money from his mom. He mother was not an easy woman and she refused. He shouted but she refused. Because she knows that he will spend all of the money in few days and in useless activities. She was strong and wise. She got a plan to get back his son on the right path so he would take care of her.

Next morning he shouted again and demanded money. His mom said he has only one way to get all of his father’s money. He said how can I? His mom said there is one condition if you earn just 300 dollars and show that to me then I will give you all the money.

Willy has no other option so he left home and said he will come back with money. He first came to his friends and tell them the whole story. His friends were not loyal in real, they were just with him to use his money. They all made different excuses about money and left him.

He was not educated so he can’t get a job and earn some money and show it to his mom and get all the money. After thinking he decided to work in labor. He thought he has work few days to earn 300 dollars. But when went to work, the work was hard and have to do all day. In greed for more money, he kept doing work.

After 2 weeks he earned 350 dollars and hire a taxi to go home. By working in labor he understands the harshness of world and value of money. He got the lesson which his mom wanted to teach him. She just not advised him but find a real strategy which can work. She didn’t give up on his son due to his behavior. She was still believed in her son.

Willy already realized what his mother did for him. When he got home and showed 300 dollars to his mom. She gave him all the money which was in the envelope.

He takes that envelope. and was thankful to his mother that she didn’t give up on him. He promised her that he will earn more money and will try to do his own business and will never waste money again. When Willy opened the envelope there were only 3000 dollars.

He looked at her mother and smiled.

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