The Price Of Freedom


Blue sky and zinc brown hills were spread in the sight. This was Avana hills, a dangerous island in North America, where the weather was not determined.  It was named after an ancient painter and adventurist Avana who visited this island and spent the last moments of his life there, drawing the pictures of some famous personalities of his age. His pictures show the history. He used to narrate the real stories by drawing pictures on stones.He was maybe the first man to visit this island before 5000 years ago. He died on this island and this island got his name because many historians used to visit this island to discover and expose the human civilization of ancient times.

‘’Is anyone there?  Please help us! We are lost!’’ ‘’ Ah! No one is there.I am sure. Our death took us there. Stop crying! Do not waste your energy in crying.’’ Diana said to her but she did not accept it. She continued shouting loudly. ‘’ Help! Help! We need help! ‘’ this voice was raised from beneath the rock. Two girls were shouting for help. This took his attention. Joseph removed his headphone and ran towards the origin of the voice. Jumping on the toughest rocks of the world this handsome guy of twenty-four descended from it. He had golden hair and grey eyes.Wearing white suede shoes and a blue cap on his head. ’Don’t worry! I am here to help you! Where are you from? He asked while getting his water bottle out of his black leather bag which was hanged on his shoulders. They held their breath while starring on him.

He gave his water bottle to them and some information about him just to remove their hesitation. “I am Joseph. I am an adventurist.I know this place well. Where do you want to go?”. ‘’I am Chris and this is my friend Diana.We came here for an adventurous trip with our friends but now we have lost there. Can you please take us to   the Tourist Camp?”    “Yes, why not!”  He replied. “Let’s go! But the way I know about, is really very dangerous it is a narrow way between two rocks it is very deep also.”  “ We are ready .we have to reach there in an hour otherwise they will go back to New York leaving us alone here’’ ‘’Okie! Follow Me.’’ they started walking and as usual, Joseph took a dangerous shortcut to reach there.

They had to crawl between two rocks putting their hands on one rock and legs on the other, they were hanging over a dangerous deep whole. They moved on this track for fifteen minutes and then suddenly Joseph left his hands and fell into the deep hole. Chris and Diana started crying. They were afraid now. “Are you alive?”  Chris shouted. “Hey! Are you fine?”  Diana asked loudly while she was shivering. After a few minutes, they heard a voice of singing. It was Joseph’s voice.

He was fine and singing a song. Girls took their breath.    “Hey! Come on I found the way. Leave your hands.”  He ordered. They left their hands and fell down in a deep lake which was actually a collection of rainwater which used to fall on the rocks. After an hour, swimming through the lake and passing through the difficult ways, they reached the Tourists Camp.Girls thanked him. Joseph left for his camp which was on the top of a hill in the North.

Actually, Joseph was the son of a great historian Mr. Steward. He was researching on ancient civilization. He used to find the paintings of Avana. He used to spend his time on this island. Mostly he used to take his son Joseph with him to develop the same interest in his young mind. He succeeded in developing such interest in his son as Joseph, after the death of his father Mr. Steward, started working on the same topic to complete the research of his father. Joseph had found a lot of paintings drawn by the ancient artist. He was visiting this island to find the last painting drawn by Avana before his death. It was narrated that Avana died on this island mysteriously.

Joseph was searching the cause of Avana’s death. Joseph was also an adventure lover. He wanted some thrill in his normal routine life.  As usual passing through the narrow ways between the rocks, finding the new ways to reach the hill and listening to the music on his headphones he was jumping on the rocks carelessly. Suddenly, while passing through a deep narrow subway between two rocks he slipped and fell down with a jerk. His left hand got stuck under a big stone.  He tried his best to get his hand out of the stone but could not. This was Saturday evening and 4 pm on the clock. After the hard struggle of an hour, he took his bag from the shoulder. He started taking his things out of the bag. There was a rope, a water bottle, a knife, some snacks and a camera in his bag. He took these things out of the bag and settled on the stone in front of him.

He started shouting so that someone could listen and help him. He shouted for some time then he got tired. He had drunk all the water from his bottle. In the evening he ate the snacks for dinner. Now he had nothing to eat and drink. When he had spent nine hours in that dark place. He felt boredom. He started talking to himself loudly.  “Hey! You are alone. No one is here to listen is dark. You have nothing to eat and drink. Now, what do you say about this real adventure?” “Well, yes it is the real adventure a great task given to me by nature.

No one can listen to me but today I am listening to a lot of voices which I never paid heed to.’’ When he was tired he slept while his hand was under the great stone. He dreamt of cold drinks and food for the first time in his life. In the morning when he woke up he saw chirping birds on his head. He shouted, “Hey dear birds! You are luckier. You are free to go anywhere.

I know you are listening to me. Please do not go away. I am alone here.” Birds disobeyed him and flew away. “Ah! You are just like also don’t care about anyone. I think this is not a good habbit.we should care about others”. Now he was feeling like the last man left on the Earth. His stuck hand was bleeding and painting. He wanted to communicate with someone. He wanted to share his problems. He opened his camera, turned it on and started a recording.

He imagined as if he was talking with his friends and family. “Hey! I am stuck here.I cannot get myself out of this shit.and my hand” He saw his hand which was bleeding and getting blue. The flow of blood to the hand had stopped. He was helpless and could do nothing to save himself.

He thought for a while “did anyone know where I was going?”  “Did I tell anyone about my adventure?” Tears came out of his eyes. He reminded that he was angry with his mother and left the home without informing her. “Mind your own business”, He replied to his brother when he asked about where he was going. The whole day he repented over what he had done. In the evening it started raining. Rainwater fell in the deep place between two rocks where he was stuck. He was wet with the water. He took his water bottle out and tried to fill it with this rainwater but hardly could he collect a few drops of water. The rain continued for three hours and water gathered in the deep whole where Joseph was stuck. He was drowning in the water.

He uplifted his body and spent the whole night in this cold water. He also tried to uplift the big stone thinking that it might be moved due to lubrication because of the rain water but it did not work. Now it was Monday morning.Joseph did not lose his hope. He was disappointed but still hopeful to get freedom. He devised an idea. He tied himself with the rope and tied the other end of the rope with the upper stone and started pulling himself. He struggled for an hour but failed. He inverted the plan and this time he tied the stone with the rope and tried to pull it .this struggle also went in vain. “Have you gotten mad?” “Hey man! It needs eight horses or fifty men to pull this stone out”. He murmured. The whole day he kept on trying.

During this struggle, he saw an ancient sketch on the stone in which his hand was stuck. A man with his left leg stuck under the stone was drawn on the stone. This picture was drawn by Avana.This picture showed that Avana died with his leg stuck under that stone. This sketch amazed him. This was the last sketch drawn by Avana. He died like this before 5000 years ago. “This stone is deadly! I have to get rid of it.” He said motivating himself. The whole day he thought about his favorite sketch artist and the coincidence that he was also stuck there under the same stone. That night Joseph dreamt of his left hand. He saw that he was free and running in a dessert. He had realized the real value of freedom.

The next day was Tuesday. He woke up with his bleeding left hand which was not paining now. The whole arm had become blue. The flow of blood had stopped.He was feeling sick. He had lost all of his energy. He was feeling very thirsty also. He had to drink his urine now because he had nothing to drink except it. He saw the knife put on the stone in front of him. This knife could only cut some fruits. He took that knife and started rubbing it over the stone. He decided to cut his left arm and get his freedom back. “I need freedom. I know I have to lose something.

I am ready to lose my arm now.” The knife was so light that it could not cut his arm. He decided to cut his arm slowly. First, he cut the skin of his arm then he started cutting the veins took more than four hours to cut his was the most painful feeling ever. He was watching his arm being cut by a knife and one hand being cut by the other. He was crying with the pain but this was the price for getting freedom. After a long struggle of four hours, he was free now but had lost his arm.

Getting himself out of this problem he started running from that place where he had spent the worst and darkest days of his life. He ran out of the whole and reached the nearby pond of water. He drank a lot of water washed the blood from his face and body. He ran away from that place where he had experienced the real adventure of his life. He went back and completed the unfinished task left by his father and his journey did never stop. He visited the whole world with a great spirit. He went on many adventures but all those adventures were less than the real adventure. He had become a hero as he had taken himself out of the real problem and difficulty. He also completed the unfinished task of his father.He has proved himself a brave man by not losing the hope.

Joseph had learned a lot of lessons for his lifetime. He came to know about the value of freedom and the price of carelessness. He learned about the value of relatives and their love. He learned the lesson that one has to lose something to get something better. He learned to cope with difficulties. It was also a blessing in disguise for him as he found the last painting of Avana. Above all, he learned how the real adventure feels like!   ……………

     Written by Sumra Munir 

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