Hunger Can Change Destiny

tony robbins

Tony was sitting in his room with his younger brother and sister while his parents were yelling at each other. He was 11 years old. They have no food and money for ThaTony was sitting in his room with his younger brother and sister while his parents were yelling at each other. He was 11 years old. They have no food and money for Thanksgiving. His mom was screaming at his father because he did not care for his own family. He was trying to keep his younger brother and sister from hearing this conversation.

And then a miracle happened, bang on the door, as Tony was the eldest so he answered the door. A giant man was standing outside, who was holding a huge box of food and beside him, on the ground, there was an uncooked turkey in the black pot. The man asked him, is your father is at home? He said yes, as he thought that after seeing this food his mom and dad will be happy.

Tony go to his father who was still yelling at his mom. He said dad, dad, there is a guy at the door and he wants to see you. His father comes with him to the door. When his father sees the man with a huge box of food he did not get happy. His father raised his voice and said to the man ” look we don’t take charity”.

He slams the door on man’s face but man was a good-sized man he put his foot in the door and said sir “this is not charity”. And everybody has a tough time in life and someone knows that you have a tough time and I am just delivery guy. He said please sir take this for your Thanksgiving. His father said it again ” we don’t take charity”.

Then the guy said something to his father that “do not make your family suffer because of your ego”. His father was trapped and he took the food slam it on the table and close the door without thanking him. These words go deeper in mind of the little boy who was watching both men arguing.

Tony was happy about food but can not smile because it can make his dad angry again. His father was shocked and think that he is not fit for the family. His father was saying loudly that he is worthless because he can not feed his family. And shortly thereafter his father left home and family.

It was the worst experience of his life. He loved his father and did not want him to go away. He wants to change his own and family’s fate. He hates poverty and suffering. Which make him care for others who suffer in life. He felt the suffering deeply and wanted to change the course of life. He was hungry for success and changing his destiny and want to change his life and can do anything to eliminate hunger from his life.

When he was 17 years old, he started work as a janitor in a hotel. He never attended the college. Tony remember his last line of speech in school when his teacher gave him a written paper for speech. The line was “never ever give up”. These go deeper into his mind. He was earning 40 dollars per week as a janitor. He always tries to finish his work quickly and mostly after finishing the work he sat in the corner and think about his life. He was obsessed with what makes difference in people’s lives? And why some people have the better life while others don’t? He wants to be wealthy and worthy as well so his family never suffer for food again.

One day his cousin came around and told Tony about the man who motivates people. He gave him a ticket for a seminar which was about making life better. Tony went to a seminar and after listening to the motivational speech he went to the man and ask him for more. The man said if he wants more then pay 35 dollars for it. As a janitor his whole week earning was 40 dollars. After thinking sometimes he gave him 35 dollars.

Tony learned human psychology and got more interested in it. He was eager to learn more to change his life. After observing his interest, the man from whom he was learning offered him a job to promote his seminars. This was the life-changing moment for him as he has the opportunity to learn more about psychology and also can earn some money.

He understands that life is controlled by decisions which we make every day in a life. He also understands the power of focus. Where focus goes energy flows. And he also figures out that success is not magical but if you want something bad enough then you can find the way or make the way to achieve it. He wants to change his life eagerly.

Tony also finds out by thinking that happiness is not about achievement but about growth. He defined his happiness with growth. And above all, he declared in mind that resources are never a problem for success if you are resourceful and have the ability to utilize energy, passion, courage, and love in a meaningful way. He defines resourcefulness as having honesty, courage, passion, energy, and love. As we know that most successful men in history did not have resources but they were incredibly resourceful. He never blames anyone else for his failure. And also believes that the problems will make him better.

He understands the importance of the mental state. When we are in a good mental state then we act well and when we are depressed then we are not able to act well. Even to change his mental state he dives into a pool. He got basic fundamental rules which can change anyone’s life.

In next seven years, he read almost 700 books about human psychology, philosophy, and business. He applied to him what he learned. And he got a tremendous grip on human mind and business as well. He already started his career as a life coach and mentor for personal development and business. He knows about human psychology more than in books. His words and ideas became magical to change people’s lives.

He was earning 1 million dollars per year when he was 24 years old. He became the founder of many companies later. He wrote best selling books about making life better and meaningful. As he always said that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. He endorses people that they can change their life too and they must make their lives meaningful. The worth of a man is more important than his wealth. He became popular and many billionaires ask him for help in business and personal life.

He created an impact on other people’s lives who were suffering and having trouble to get a breakthrough. But still learning to make his life meaningful and also wanted to change other people’s lives. He cares for strangers as he remembered the stranger who gave them food on Thanksgiving.
As Tony came out from his helicopter and ran toward the audience which was more than 5000 in numbers and eagerly wants to see him in the hotel where he used to be janitor once.

After waving hand to the audience he said,

I was not what I am now, I have created this man you are watching now.

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