Resources Were Never A Problem For Greatness

Resources were never a problem for greatness.

When we look back into history we find that most of the greatest people did not have resources. They were just incredibly resourceful. Love, passion, creativity, decisiveness, honesty and having clear sense of purpose are the things which make a man resourceful. We know that few scientists who have great discoveries made their own microscope because they don’t have money to buy from the market.

Abraham Lincoln was one of that person who didn’t have resources and made himself a great man in history. He was the 16th president of the United States of America. He born in Kentucky in 1809 and his father was a farmer. He was tall at his age and a thin man. His voice was not compelling to the audience and his gestures while the speeches were odd. He has a big hand and big ears. One of his neighbors told that at a young age when he used to walk in Springfield his grief-stricken face could be clearly seen. He called himself an ugly man and the woman of Springfield avoid him. Once a senator argues with him that “ you are a two-faced man”. He replied ” would I wear this one if I had another?. He was a good storyteller. People liked to hear his stories.

He roughly had one year of total formal education. But he understands the value of knowledge and books. He learns to read and write by himself. He read every book which was available to him. He read books in nights and also while plowing in farms. Once he borrows a book from a farmer who was living few miles away. Unfortunately, the book got wet and he did not have money to pay so he worked there for three days in exchange for the book. Some of his family members thought for a time that he is lazy for all his “reading, scribbling, writing, ciphering, writing poetry etc”. His grandmother also acknowledged he did not enjoy physical labor but enjoy reading. He was largely self-educated and became a lawyer. To understand how to solve problems he did even mathematics by himself.

abraham lincoln

On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected to the presidency of United States America. He was the son of a farmer. One of the congressmen taunts Lincoln “ never forget your ancestors were shoemaker”. He replied him with a smile that they were a good shoemaker.

Lincoln was a good listener and very much calm person. He usually forgives the people and tries to understand their conditions. Usually families of soldiers and plea him to forgive their sons who ran away from the battlefield. He forgives them with the sentence “maybe I did the same if I was in the same situation as they have”.
He was the key man in saving union of States in civil war and kept America together. He was the man who abolished slavery in the United States. All enlightened class of world ranks him the best President of America.
People may have many excuses like they don’t have time, money or leadership. Or they don’t have an education. But these resources can’t give results. I believe that resources were never a problem for greatness in history. Our history is full of men who didn’t have resources. But they stuck to their goals and ultimately got what they want.

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