How A Purpose Can Give Me Strength?

Once upon a time in the forest, there was a lion and lion was very hungry. Suddenly the Deer came around there.

 When lion saw the deer it decides to catch the deer and kill his hunger. When the deer saw the lion it decides to run as much as it could be because deer want to save his life.

 The lion followed the deer but deer without seeing behind run more and more faster. Meanwhile, deer saw a Ford in his front but deer have no option to save his life.

 So deer jump high and crossed the ford but lion stops when it saw a Ford in his front. The lion came back to his habitat.

 In a while, a fox came there. The Fox laughs o lion and asks how much shameful for the lion is that deer escaped from him.

 The lion replied. There was a difference in purpose. The purpose of deer was bigger than mine. The deer want to his life and I want to kill my hunger. The deer won because it has a greater purpose than me.

In my opinion, the two days are important for every human. The one, when she born and other, is when she find out why she born.

 This is very important in life to understand my purpose. If you have no plan for life then you can’t have for a day. Your purpose decides what is worthy of your life. Billions of people came in this world but how many got their purpose of life? a few. Sometimes a person takes years to find his/her purpose. To have a purpose for your life is very much important. If you have no purpose till now then find.

  If you are working in life without the main purpose then you should find. Maybe your  purpose is:

  1. To helping other people.
  2. A great discovery for the World.
  3. A great invention.
  4. Writing a great book.
  5.  Give jobs other people.
  6.  To become a Doctor.
  7. To become a leader.
  8. To become a social worker.
  9. To become a Billionaire 

There are many types of purpose. I am sure you can find your purpose of life if you want. 


    Purpose gives you strength. You can face any problem if you have great purpose. You can find the way or make the way to get your purpose. The purpose is directly related to strength and courage. 

More your purpose strong and high more your strength and courage goes high. Purpose gives you determination.

 When your purpose is high then your courage goes high automatically. When you understand there is no other option than purpose then you got strength like deer and cross any problem and trouble. A human has great power within himself/herself.

 You don’t need to find other power and strength outside yourself. Just Connect your strength with passion and purpose. You will feel energetic and powerful. Don’t tag happiness with people or things, but tag your happiness with your aim and purpose. 

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