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It is a light-hearted humorous love story. It shows how the exercise of logic proves love to be a fallacy. The fallacy is an apparently genuine but really illogical argument.

The writer wants to tell us that love needs no argument. It is a blind passion and it does not follow any rule. It cannot be bought at any cost.

Material or worldly fame has no attraction for it. It is indeed, melting and merging together into oneness. And so it admits no logic of loss and gain.

The writer was a student of Law at the University of Minnesota. He was only eighteen years old then. But he had a giant intellect. He was keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute and astute.

His roommate Petey, was, on the other hand, dumb as an ox. he was a nice fellow but he impressionable and worst of all faddish.

One day the writer found Petey lying on his bed. He looked sad and distressed. The writer thought that he was ill and needed a doctor. But Petey told him that he was sad only because he had not raccoon coat.

In those days, it was a fashion in the University, to wear raccoon coat. Petey also wanted to have one. But he was too poor to buy it. He told the writer that he was ready to give anything for a raccoon coat.

The writer, at once, jumped to an idea. Petey had a girlfriend, Polly Espy. She was a beautiful girl. The writer wanted to marry her not because of her abundant physical charms, but because she could be a good wife for a Lawyer.

So she wanted Polly for a shrewdly calculated, entirely cerebral reason. He decided to make a bargain. He knew that his father had a raccoon coat that could be given to Petey. So he told Petey that he would give him a raccoon coat if he gave him Polly. Petey, at first, hesitated but after sometime agreed.

The next evening, the writer had his first date with Polly. He took her first to dinner and then to a movie. During all that time he kept on surveying her intelligence and mental awareness.

But he was shocked to know that she lacked practical wisdom and information. So he decided to give her a course in logic. He gave him lecture on some common fallacies of logic.

But it was like casting pearls before swine, the girl had a logic-proof head. She seemed least interested in those fallacies.

The writer was discouraged that he decided to give her back to Petey. But then it dawned on him that he had fallen in love with her. So he determined to acquaint her with his feelings.

At their next meeting, the writer expressed his desire to marry her. To his surprise, Polly rejected his proposal in a very logical manner.

The writer’s logic recoiled upon him. She frankly told him that she would marry Petey. Upon this, the writer flared up. He called Petey a liar, a cheat, and a rat. And narrated his own merits. He told her that he was a brilliant student, a tremendous intellectual, a man with assumed future.

Polly heard all that calmly and said that she would marry Petey. The writer asked her if she could give him one logical reason why she would marry Petey. The answer came, ” I certainly can, He’s got a raccoon coat.

Logic- Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman
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