How Can You Think Critically?

What is critical thinking? 

       Critical thinking is the ability to think about things and ideas more clearly and rationally, understanding deeply and find a logical connection between ideas.Critical thinking means absorbing important information and use this to make your own decisions and opinions.Find out the importance and relevance of different ideas and arguments.It means to think deeply and understand true value and meaning of ideas.Many people think partially and biased, and sometimes distorted and prejudiced.

This is the art of analyzing and thinking about the point of view to improves it.Critical Thinking creates important questions and find the problems clearly, and find out well-reasoned conclusions and solutions of problems.

How to think Critically?

       You must become neutral in thinking anything to gain best conclusions.If you are biased then you can’t think clearly.You have to see all aspects and angles of thing and idea.For example, if someone doesn’t pick your phone then you have to think he should busy , away or avoiding you.You can’t decide at first that he is avoiding you or busy. 

       Ask better questions, your quality of questions will decide the quality of outcome.Your quality of questions is more important in critical thinking.
      Think about who has benefit in what you have listened in daily life and knows on internet and news.You have to try to who has benefited with this news and why this news appeared in this way.Try to find out the source of what you listened.And find what was exactly said.

         Make many questions within yourself to investigate a thing or statement.And find best answers you can give to that questions.You have to doubt once every belief you have in life and read opposite beliefs.And don’t try to satisfy yourself with biased answers.

        Find out different ideas on the same thing and analyze what is more logical and then connect these ideas with each other.And also find out opposite ideas.It makes your conclusions more precise and correct.

       You have to read many books and get more knowledge, it will help you make good decisions in life.Because many ideas and stories are relevant to each other.Go through scientific and other debates, it will increase your critical thinking skills.Engage yourself in debates and get involved in politics and philosophical ideas.You will learn the best and it will increase your worth in whole life.


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