How Music Can Change  Mind?


Music is my favorite thing and it is very much powerful. Music can nourish my soul and mind every day.

I don’t know when music get started in history but it becomes an important part of human life. Music can give me relaxation and it also can give me energy. It is very much important for my soul.

Music is available in many types and the most important thing is to choose the right type of music for me. Which type of music should I listen to start my day? And which type of music should I listen at night? Because music is something we relate to ourselves.

It can engage with my mind and have the power to change my mental state. For a long time in past years of my life, I have listened to sad music. I always wanted to be sad and become a victim of love. And put blames for my sadness to others. I felt I am enjoying sadness and don’t want to move on.

Then I realized that I have to change something in my life and I wanted to grow. If I always keep listening sad music then it will keep me always sad. And after that decision, I start listening pop music and the music which gives me energy and reject the music which has the intention to make me sad.

When I listen to music I connect myself with beats of music and feel it deeply with my heart. I can get following benefits from the right type of music:

1. Emotions

When I listen to music and feel it deeply then it creates some types of hormones in my body which creates special emotions for happiness and love. I can feel wonderful if I have the right choice of music.

It can elevate my emotions and I can get the best experience of love. I have always chosen to feel extraordinary with energetic music or enjoy the same sadness as I done in past.

2. Mental state 

In my life, This is very much important to keep my mental state normal and productive. Music is a powerful tool to elevate my mood and change it to normal when I am not feeling well.

I know one thing if I am in a bad mental state like pissed off, frustrated and angry then I cannot grow as much as I want. If I change my mental state to normal then I behave differently to things happening in my life.

Music is so much power which can change my mental state in an instant. But the right music can do it. Sad music can keep my mental state sad. And with sadness, I can’t grow in my life. Right music means the music which gives you happiness and energy, not sadness.

Share your experience of music in comments.

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