How Failure Can Make You Strong?

            We all have a fear of failure in our daily life. We don’t want to fail. Sometimes we can’t  take actions on our decisions and sometimes we even can’t make decisions due to this fear. We want success in our life but afraid to fail. You just keep in mind that failure is more important to your success. Failure does not mean you fall but you refuse to get up again. Failure makes you more powerful and strong.  Every time you fall but you get up again it’s not a failure but failure is when you refuse to get up. When you give up, it means failure. You never give up you never failed. Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely and effectively.

           The common Cause of failure is to quit when you are overtaken by temporary defeat. Success comes from massive and determined actions. If you failed then you should think that your actions were not strong. Or you haven’t enough energy and passion for getting your goals. When you failed it invoke your mind and then your mind becomes more conscious and your will and passion to success become more strong. Your level of energy changed. And when you try again you have experience which more valuable. And experience increases your worth. Your focus towards your goals become more increased. Where focus goes energy flows.  Believe me, failure is not fatal. It only gives you more courage and determination. Bad decisions give you experience and experience gives you Good decisions and good decisions give you success.  So never stop doing what you want to do. Don’t afraid to fail because it’s not fatal. Fear only exists in your mind.
Dear friends this life would not be easy but you have to get strong.

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