I live in a village of Pakistan and am continuing my Bachelor in Science studies. I have a great curiosity for science and evolution. I think science is the way that helps me think better about life. Science can tell me that everything is happening for a reason and in a systematic way. It can free me from superstitious and traditional beliefs. It can help me to think critically. I continue desiring to improve my way of thinking.

Four years ago I had many personal problems. I seemed to frequently feel sad and depressed. I had poor and limiting beliefs about myself which stopped me from growing. I wanted to change my life and wanted to grow. One day in a newspaper column I read the name, Tony Robbins. When I found him on YouTube and listened to his many videos. I can say that because of Tony Robbins I have changed myself, beliefs about myself. I changed the way I think. I changed my attitude with people and they respond to me differently now.

I understand now the reason people don’t experience success and live ordinary lives. I discovered I have a passion to change people’s lives. I can see people are suffering in their lives in so many different ways. Even though they want success, they don’t take responsibility for their failure and setbacks. So many people don’t realize that they can change their life. And sometimes, they can change it in an instant.

I started this blog so as to help improve people’s experience of life, to help them discover the power they have in creating the life they want. I help them see their own value. If you want something in life and want it bad enough then you will find a way to get it or make the way yourself.

I have some wonderful mentors from The Coaching Institute in Australia and I am learning from them many useful coaching models and techniques. As a result of how differently I now lead my life, compared to four years ago, I now have many great friends who happen to be Life Coaches. I have a passion for learning and improving myself, and do so every single day.