6 Basic Human Needs[Psychology]

We have forgotten that money is simply a vehicle that we use to try to get our needs, almost all needs are not financial. We are familiar with this sentence “money can’t buy happiness. There are six unique, basic and universal needs that drive all human behavior. Combined they are behind everything that we do simple or great. How we value these needs, decide our direction of life.

1: Certainty/Comfort
The first human need is a certainty. Every human wants certainty about food, security, housing, food, and work. These things secure a person from stress and pain. The need of certainty affects how much we are willing to take risks in our daily life. The higher the need for a certainty the lower you willing to take the risk.
2: Uncertainty/Variety
Let me ask a question: Do you like surprises and variety? If your answer is yes then you are kidding! You like only surprise and variety you want. The surprises you don’t like called problems. But you need problems in your life to grow yourself and your character.
3: significance/importance
All human needs importance, special, and feel needed.you can get it by earning money, earning an academic degree or making a huge following on social media. You can get it by having bigger and huge problems than anybody. You can get significance by spending lots of money or very much lower.
4: Love/Connection the basic human need is love and connection. Love is oxygen for human life, we all need it most.when you love you feel completely alive, and when you lose the love you feel great pain. You can feel love and connection through intimacy, prayer, walking with nature or having a dog.
5: Growth
People always ask what is happiness? The answer is “growth”. Growth equal happiness.when you stop growing then you start dying. It does not matter how much money you have, how much friends you have, if you are not growing you will not feel alive and fulfillment. If your relationship is not growing you can’t feel alive and happy.
6: Contribution
Share enhances everything we have. Your life is really about meaning and meaning will not come from what you get it’s about what you give and share with others.
The first four basic needs are related to your personality. We all find ways to fulfill these needs by working hard and facing problems. Last two basic needs are about spirit. Not everyone meets these two needs. These needs are rare.but if you get them then you will feel truly fulfilled and alive. Money is fuel to get your these basic needs. By using the money you can learn best and grow your business. You can’t buy love with money. Money gives certainty about food and house. Money helps you to get the significance. But most important thing is your hunger to do things more and more. You should not have to happy with a little or what you have. You need growth for life.

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