4 Types Of Love

4 tyoes of love
Love is a very broad topic. I am trying to classify love with different types. Many people love in different ways. They have different goals in their unconscious and conscious mind. There are four types of love listed below:

1. Baby love

Baby love is the first type of love. We all love babies. We are like drugged up to love babies but babies will love us as long as we give them what they want.

If we don’t give them what they want they will scream. This is not really loving that is demand.

2. Horse trading

I am gonna love you, I gonna give you and support you but there is hook on another side. I am giving and do not even ask for anything.

But at some point, if I do not receive anything then I pissed off. This is not loving. This is called horse trading. When you love someone then you do anything for them.

If I love someone to get in return then it does not love. Sometimes we do it consciously and sometimes back in our mind we are expecting. When we gave only to get it’s called horse trading not love.

3. Real love

Real love is when you give who you are, you do not give because they did what you want or anything else. You don’t hold your love for somebody.

You give your love without expecting anything in return. This is called real love.

4. Pure spirit love

People like Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama do pure spirit love. They love even those who hurt them. They just don’t stop loving. They are spiritually connected people.

We all spend times with different levels of love but the most important thing is the center of gravity. In which love we spend more time.

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  1. I really like how you split “love” into 4 sections, however there is room for improvement. 🙂
    For example grammatically wise and syntactically.

    You are going in the right direction, though I think organizing your thoughts more and trying to engage with the reader would make your blog better.

    Good job!

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