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I am a life coach and human behavior specialist. I want to change people lives and trying to change their beliefs which are holding them back in life.

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There can be many people who want to change but they do not change because of when they look at the way they only see obstacles.And they do not want to leave the comfort zone.

But there are 3 big wake-up calls to change:

1. Is this all there is

When I adjust myself what I have and no more passion and desires. Without growth, I am in decline.

When you are not growing then it’s a big wake-up call for change. You have to keep yourself growing. Growth is equal to happiness.

Do not adjust yourself in little.

2. When you spend your energy being jealous

Being jealous consume energy. It would not let you grow as much as you want. It will just waste of energy.

There can be two ways to make my building tall. First one is to build it tall and other way is to ruin all the tallest buildings around.

We have the ability to improve and make ourselves better again and again.
3. Waiting to be happy

I will be happy when I get married, I will be happy when I got a job. I will a be happy when I have own business. If you have ideas like this then now it’s time to change.

I like a Pitbull’s song in which he says ” you call it a moment I call it life.”

When you are unable to connect your self with the present moment then it’s a big call for change. If you are waiting then you will always wait for the perfect moments.

But if you connect yourself with the present moment and accept what you already have in life then you can be happy.

We are not happy because we are successful but we are successful because we are happy. Have you ever met with a depressed and successful person?

Happiness is something we can produce. You can change your mental state in an instant by changing your music.

3 red flags tell us to change 

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