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I am a life coach and human behavior specialist. I want to change people lives and trying to change their beliefs which are holding them back in life.

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Leadership is important for your business and many fields of life. If you are not a good leader then it’s hard for you and the people who work with you.

Becoming a leader is not hard just look at these 3 mandates of leadership:

1. See it as it is not worse than it is

Many people can see only holes in the road. They just can not see the real ways. A leader can see the real things and real problems but not just problems.

They have the ability to find real solutions and not just positive thinker. Some people only focus on the problems.

2. See it better than it is

A leader can see the possible ways to make anything better than it really is. And just not happy with the reality. They find ways to change it and make it even better. They have a vision because without vision we will perish.

3. Make it the way you see it

Japan was damaged extremely in world war 2. What if they think the damage is forever? They will remain same. But they have the vision to make it better. Now Japan is dominating the world economy.

The leader makes a strategy to make their vision come true. They execute their ideas. They make their ideas simple to get better execution. And a human can get anything if he wants it bad enough. You can find the ways or make ways. We have much more example in human history when people really made new ways.

3 mandates of Leadership 

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